Our Research Programs

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What We Do:

We offer highly specialised and custom market research to meet the specific needs of our individual clients. Some of the potential client scenarios can be as follows:

  • Planning a new restaurant and looking for rental data in an area
  • Opening an Italian restaurant and need competitive set numbers for 5 “aspirational” competitors
  • Investing in a restaurant and not sure of the reputation and want to do some market due diligence
  • Demand analysis for a cuisine type in an area
  • Menu Pricing analysis for a location type
  • What does our consumer want
  • A private equity house seeking to understand the restaurant market by the format type
  • Understanding demand for niche concepts
  • Testing a new concept with consumers and trade
  • Seeking a partner in the region – partner matchmaking
  • Market and financial feasibility leading to a “go” – “no-go”